Fractured Atlas was founded in 1998 by current Executive Director Adam Forest Huttler. For our first few years, we operated as a performing arts producer in downtown New York City. In that guise we worked with a hand-picked roster of exciting young theatre companies, choreographers, musicians, and performance artists.

The events of 9/11 threatened to close Fractured Atlas's doors permanently, but with strong support from our board of directors and executive leadership Fractured Atlas reinvented itself as an arts service organization in 2002, with the goal of impacting a wider segment of the arts community in a manner that was both scalable and sustainable.

Since then Fractured Atlas has launched a broad range of programs and services, collectively reaching over 250,000 artists and organizations. As the only service organization to serve the needs of arts groups as well as individual artists in all disciplines, Fractured Atlas is a unique and vital resource. We value the role that the arts play in shaping our world, and we are constantly seeking new ways to facilitate their advancement.

To that end, Fractured Atlas has been an arts industry leader in the use of technology to address challenges facing the arts community, share information and resources, and empower arts organizations with practical tools for managing their operations. Nearly all of Fractured Atlas's services are accessible online. Automation of mundane tasks (such as data entry) and integration of all our operations (including our member database and financial records) enables us to serve a vast constituency with few staff members whose focus remains entirely on providing the kind of personalized feedback an automated system cannot provide.