A New Paradigm, or Beyond the Tin Cup

A new paradigm for arts advocacy is needed. Rattling our tin cup for more government funding is no longer enough. Yet economic impact studies paint an incomplete picture and can be dangerously misused.

Fractured Atlas's approach is holistic and focused on infrastructure. Policymakers shouldn't be curators, hand-picking artists and organizations to support based on perceived aesthetic merit. Instead, it's the government's responsibility to ensure a healthy infrastructure in which creativity and culture can thrive.

Talking to Policymakers

Fractured Atlas educates policymakers about the importance of infrastructure on local, state, and federal levels. We lobby for policies and legislation that help artists and arts organizations make work and contribute to their communities. As a 501(c)(3) public charity, we are non-partisan and cannot endorse candidates for office. But we are aggressive within the limits of the law at promoting and protecting the interests of our constituency.

Organizing the Community

We also work to organize the arts community on a grassroots level. That includes: