Fractured Atlas works to ensure that the voice of the arts community is heard in Washington. Here are just a few of the issues we've tackled in recent years:


The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) were ostensibly intended to project the rights of artists and other copyright holders. Unfortunately, the bills were deeply flawed in the enforcement mechanisms they proposed. Fractured Atlas was vocal in opposing this misguided legislation and encouraging lawmakers to go back to the drawing board.

Net Neutrality

An open and uncensored internet is vital to: (1) protecting universal access to online content, and (2) ensuring that the net remains a powerful platform for cultural and technological innovation. Without strong net neutrality rules, we risk losing the unprecedented opportunities that the internet provides content producers for inexpensive, broad distribution of their work.

Health Care

The American health insurance system is an unqualified mess, and few industries are as poorly served by an employment-based insurance model as the arts. Fractured Atlas supports the decoupling of health insurance from employment. We believe that either a "single payer" model or a "consumer driven" model would be preferable to maintaining the status quo, and that the best system would combine elements of liberal and conservative ideology. In addition, we advocate policies that help the uninsured access the same rate reductions that insurance companies enjoy. Read some of our health care policy blogging.

Tax Policy

Tax policy is perhaps the most potent tool at the government's disposal to influence individual citizens' behavior. Increasingly, academics and opinion leaders are pushing for the reduction or elimination of tax deductions for charitable contributions. We believe this would be a terrible mistake. On the contrary, much more can be done to encourage behavior and contributions that benefit society as a whole. Fractured Atlas supports legislation like the Artist-Museum Partnership Act and the IRA Charitable Rollover that align tax incentives with the public good.

Charities Regulation

In the 21st century, fundraising increasingly happens online. But our outdated regulatory framework required charities to register with and report annually to state-based government agencies wherever fundraising will take place. This places an unreasonable burden on small non-profit organizations who want to accept donations over the web. Fractured Atlas has advocated for the establishment of a centralized, federally regulated charities bureau.

Orphan Works

When the Orphan Works Act of 2008 was introduced in Congress, widespread panic spread throughout the arts community. Some of these concerns were justified, but others were based on misreadings of the legislation. Fractured Atlas worked with other service and advocacy organizations to educate artists about the real implications of the bill.