Lisa Yancey

Trecarcia “Lisa” Yancey is an Organizational Development consultant who specializes in development/fundraising planning, strategic organizational planning, program evaluation and assessments, business planning, and senior project management for nonprofit institutions. She is the President of Yancey Consulting, LLC. Yancey Consulting provides strategic and tactical solutions to nonprofit organizations in areas of board development, strategic planning, revenue generation, capacity assessments, marketing & communications, and evaluation/metrics to a broad base of clientele throughout the continental United States. With her company, Lisa Yancey primarily works within the arts and culture, social justice and communications rights sectors. She matriculated from both Boston College Law School and Emory University, respectively earning her Juris Doctorate and Bachelor of the Arts degrees. She is a current member of the New York State Bar Association and has been doing consulting work with nonprofit organizations and small businesses for the past fourteen years.