brian d foy

brian d foy has been involved in web design for non-profits since he was a principal at Smith Renaud, Inc. in the 1990s, where he developed some of the early ideas of hosted internet applications and services. His background is in Chemistry and Physics, with degrees from Humboldt State University, although he moved on to internet technology consulting. In 1998, he started Perl Mongers, Inc., a grassroots non-profit that helped to form across the globe hundreds of user groups for the Perl programming language. These groups now host virtually all of the non-profit events and conferences related to Perl. He's worked as a corporate trainer through Stonehenge Consulting Services, where he was made a partner in 2005 before leaving in 2009 to concentrate on his internet consulting and training through The Perl Review. He's the author of several best-selling books about Perl and a frequent speaker at conferences.