Fed Up With Your First Life?

I’m here at the Technology in the Arts Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. This morning’s session is The Art of Second Life: Artists and Arts Organizations in a Virtual World.

Two confessions:

  1. I’ve never used Second Life
  2. I find the whole concept both fascinating and a little scary

My interest in Second Life isn’t about meeting chicks or escaping my own sad existence. I’m happily married and have a fulfilling career. However, being the good young capitalist that I am, I’ve been endlessly curious about the business opportunities presented by Second Life. The whole thing feels a bit like an uncharted frontier or the Wild West. Few of the rules and restrictions of civilization apply, which presents some incredible opportunities for those who are inclined to jump in and take them.

Most of what Fractured Atlas does is about leveling the playing field for artists and arts organizations. We try to give our members tools and resources that narrow the gap between our industry’s haves and have-nots.

My instinct is that Second Life presents a huge opportunity to do just that in a big way. A small performing arts organization could, in theory, build a massive multi-stage performance complex in Second Life for just a few dollars a month (and a lot of creativity and sweat equity). Compare that to the millions of dollars and years of work that it would take to do that in the real world.

What does all this mean? Is there a role for Fractured Atlas to play here? I don’t know. But I’m going to keep thinking about this. Stay tuned.

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