Share Some Knowledge, Win Some Dough

Fractured U., Fractured Atlas’s online arts management curriculum, is seeking instructors to develop 25 new courses. We’ve released an RFP which has all the details, including guidelines, deadline, etc. In a nutshell:

  • We’re looking for 5 introductory courses and 20 advanced courses
  • Courses may cover any topic in arts management and may target individual artists or arts administrators
  • Selected instructors will receive initial compensation of $500-1,000, plus 75% of all enrollment fees generated for the course. (Thank you to the Pierre and Marie-Gaetana Matisse Foundation for making this possible!)
  • Proposals requiring new features to be developed for the online class software are welcome
  • Submissions are due September 1, 2008

Read the full RFP for more details.

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2 Responses to “Share Some Knowledge, Win Some Dough”

  1. diazbrothers:

    I took a look at the RFP and noticed “Playwriting” listed among the topics, but didn’t see anything about writing for Film or Television. Since this is my primary background, I think that this topic should also be among the listed topics you are seeking. I could easily see an introductory screenwriting course being offered, as well as an advanced-level course in, say, screenplay adaptation.

  2. Adam Huttler:

    The sample topics listed in the RFP are simply the ones that our members requested in a recent survey. It is not an exhaustive list and you should feel free to propose topics from on or off it.