Connecticut Film Festival

The Connecticut Film Festival is taking place from June 2 - 7, 2009 in Downtown Danbury, CT. The festival is 6 Days & Nights of Indie Film & Music, Parties, Networking and Educational Events Celebrating Culture & Diversity Through Film.

Fractured Atlas is hosting a fundraising workshop at the Connectict Film Festival on June 6th in Danbury, CT. The workshop is designed for interactive and visual artists to address the crucial issue of raising money to support their creative endeavors. The presentation is a complete overview of the fundraising proccess.

A film by fiscally sponsored project, Sita Sings the Blues, is screening at the festival.  Don’t forget to check out one of the screenings of Sita Sings the Blues if you have the chance.

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3 Responses to “Connecticut Film Festival”

  1. Madeline Ward:

    There is going to be an exclusive screening of the film Fog Warning. it’s a vampire thriller that’s perfect if you like or hate vampires. It’s a professional indie film shot locally in fairfield and new haven county.

    On July 5th Friday at 9 pm at the Heirloom Arts Theatre. Check it out.

    There will also be an after party with great indie bands, Schwervon, Moldy Peaches, Tim Fite and Amanda Bloom.

  2. Tom:

    This film was amazing, you have to see it. I can’t wait to watch it again. You must read the whole story about how Roger Ebert almost blew the film off and didn’t watch it as it sat on a pile of DVDs sent to him.

  3. Tom:

    Oops, FOG WARNING is June 5th, not July 5.