$9.09 on 9.09!

In less than three weeks, members of Fractured Atlas’ staff, Board, and membership will be unleashing their athletic prowess in the Belly of the Beast Triathlon. With the event fast approaching, Fractured Atlas is launching a special one-day campaign to support our stellar Triathlon Team:

If you can tear yourself away from the other exciting, strange, and wonderful events happening tomorrow, September 9th (9.9.09), I hope you’ll consider making a donation to Fractured Atlas in the amount of $9.09, in honor of our tri team! That works out to just $.0863247 per mile, and if we can get 100 people to give, we’ll raise nearly $1,000. Talk about strength in numbers!

Everyone who donates online during the 9.09 campaign be included in a thank-you honor roll on the following day’s blog post. But if you need a little more encouragement, we’ll also give a Fractured Atlas Tri Team t-shirt to the clever individuals* who donate at EXACTLY 9:09am and 9:09pm, eastern time!

All donations to the Tri Team will support Fractured Atlas’ vital programs and services for artists. That’s another year of affordable health care, fiscal sponsorship, low-cost liability insurance, education, and advocacy, all backed by the tireless hard work of our staff. I do know these are particularly challenging times for everyone, but with a national community that’s over 90,000 strong, it only takes a small donation to make a big impact.

Please join us!

* If more than one donation is received at exactly 9:09AM/PM, one name will be drawn randomly from those donations to receive the free t-shirt.

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