Obama: “Let’s never forget that art strengthens America”

How’s this for refreshing? At a recent reception at the Kennedy Center, the President of the United States had some eloquent and downright inspirational things to say about the importance of the arts:

In times of war and sacrifice, the arts … remind us to sing and to laugh and to live. In times of plenty, they challenge our conscience and implore us to remember the least among us. In moments of division or doubt, they compel us to see the common values that we share; the ideals to which we aspire, even if we sometimes fall short. In days of hardship, they renew our hope that brighter days are still ahead. So let’s never forget that art strengthens America. And that’s why we’re making sure that America strengthens its arts. It’s why we’re reenergizing the National Endowment of the Arts. That’s why we’re helping to sustain jobs in arts communities across the country. It’s why we’re supporting arts education in our schools, and why Michelle and I have hosted students here at the White House to experience the best of American poetry and music.

Well, shucks… Thanks for the shout out, Barry! You can read the full remarks here.


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