Cultural Movers-and-Shakers Sit with Sky/Nova:15

skynova15-cafepresslogoDuring last week’s Dance/USA conference, Sydney Skybetter (of Design Brooklyn and Skybetter & Associates) and I set out to capture some of the fun, fascinating and absurd discussions that happen behind the scenes. We created a 15-minute online program called Sky/Nova:15 and streamed it live twice a day from my hotel room at the conference.

One of the reasons we did this was to illustrate how easy it is to use free and inexpensive technology as a means to connecting with audiences—whether it is Ustream, Twitter or CafePress. All of the episodes are now archived on the Ustream site and episode summaries are below. We are in the midst of planning future episodes, so if you’re interested, we’ll keep you up-to-date via the Sky/Nova Twitter feed.

A huge thank you to all of the guests who appeared on the show and the online audience who helped us test this little experiment.

Guests:Christy Bolingbroke (Mark Morris Dance Group), Marc Kirshner (Tendu TV) and Ian Garrett (Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts)
Discussion: “Why do you attend conferences?” “Can we please stop talking about Emerging Leaders?!” and “Mentors”

Guests: Eduardo Vilaro (Artistic Director, Ballet Hispanico), Jon Teeuwissen (Former Executive Director of The Joffrey Ballet), and independent artist Meagan Bruskewicz
Discussion: Earned Revenue Streams, “Is Dance a Product,” Innovation — Cars, Not Faster Horses

Guest: Robert Battle (Artistic Director Designate, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater)
Discussion: What have you been up to? Anything new going on?

Guests: Martin Wechsler (Director of Programming, The Joyce Theater), Ann Toumey-DePiro (special projects with Twyla Tharp and Baryshnikov), Anna Drozdowski (Ladybird)
Discussion: “Is NYC Still the Dance Capital of the World?” “What blows your mind in dance?” “Who’s completely off the radar?” “What makes for a great season?”

Guest: Lois Welk (Director, Dance/USA Philadelphia)
Discussion: The Philadelphia arts scene, Innovation in Philadelphia, Lois’s Famous Relative who played the accordion (hint: his last name is Welk)

Guests: Gary Dunning (Executive Director, Big Apple Circus), Randy Fippinger (Manager, ‘62 Center at Williams College), Anne Dunning (Fierce Arts Administrator/ARTS Action Research)
Discussion: Alternative Conference Models, An Amazing Race-style reality show pitting Company Managers against each other in a race to get one company on stage for a performance

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