[Video] Interview with National Arts Strategies

Since January, I’ve been helping Fractured Atlas develop an integrated cultural asset mapping software suite for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. What is cultural asset mapping, you ask? For us, it means the aggregation of multiple sets of data about the arts and cultural sector to better illuminate who is making art, who is engaging with it, where it’s happening, and how it’s made possible in the local community. While at the Americans for the Arts Half Century Summit in Baltimore last month, our friends from National Arts Strategies caught up with me and interviewed me about this effort, as well as the Pro-Am Revolution (a term coined by Charles Leadbeater and Paul Miller to describe the technological and cultural shifts that have facilitated the rise of the “serious amateur” in all sorts of fields from art to tennis to astronomy). The Pro-Am Revolution is a topic that came up quite a bit at the conferences I visited this summer, as arts organizations and artists grapple with the challenge of engaging and growing audiences at a time of unprecedented competition for those audiences’ leisure time and attention. You can see the full set of videos here, but below is one of them to give you a preview.

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