Now Hiring!

This desk could be yours!We’ve promoted a stellar staff member and are looking to fill a vacant seat.

The position we’re hiring for is a part-time (20 hours/week) Administrative Assistant.  Front-line customer service and general office operations is at the core of this position.

Being the first person people see as people step into our office, you literally will be the face of Fractured Atlas.  Do you have a cheery disposition, a sense of humor, possess a great deal of patience (especially when explaining something for the 100th time), and remain calm and collected in a rapid-fire environment?  If so, this gig might be for you.  Check out the official job description.

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One Response to “Now Hiring!”

  1. allenlowe:

    just hoping you don’t discriminate on the basis of age - though this is a relatively low-level position, don’t just expect that no one over the age of 35 will want it.