Pocket Guide Madness!

We’d like to introduce our two newest additions to our pocket guide series:  The Artists’ Guide to Health Reform and The Artists’ Guide to Health Insurance.health_reform

The Artists’ Guide to Health Reform provides a general overview of the new healthcare law.  If you’ve overwhelmed by all the media on health reform and you’re still unsure of what it all means, then this guide is for you. It briefly goes over what’s in effect now and what’s on the horizon.  Short, sweet, and simple.

The Artists’ Guide to Health Insurance is a good basic primer on health insurance.  It also includes great little golden nuggets of advice and handy tips.  With it, we suspect you can become an insurance guru in your own right.

To check out the entire pocket guide collection, visit: www.arts-insurance.info

Now, go forth into the world and spread the word!

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