Who Represents Our Members?

We’ve just added a new tab of information to our Live Membership Stats page that lists a breakdown of the Fractured Atlas membership by U.S. congressional district. I find this stuff fascinating, but I realize I’m a big nerd. Anyway, take a look if you’re interested!
Congressional Districts

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3 Responses to “Who Represents Our Members?”

  1. Ian David Moss:

    Doing a quick analysis on the table, 82.1% of our 14,384 members (as of today) are represented by Democrats. Of course, this is partly because nearly 40% of our members live in New York City, which has only one Republican Representative (Mike Grimm, NY-13). However, even if you take NYC districts out of the equation, the remaining 8,657 members are still represented by Democrats by a 72/28 margin.

  2. pressler:

    That’s fascinating!! I’ve met Nadler, lived in Velazquez’s district, and interned for Maloney, but never heard any of the above ever, ever mention the arts.

  3. Andy:

    This is a pretty awesome web tool to be able to see where funds are able to go to individuals in the arts. I’d like to see the government make use of some of these stats to improve their efficiencies in grants and in distribution of funds to arts organizations. Hopefully, it will be even more when the website is more established nationally.