Now in Private Beta!

succeed-artfullyI am very happy to announce that today Fractured Atlas is launching in a private beta. This is the biggest new service Fractured Atlas has introduced in years, and I’m very excited that it’s about to see the light of day. provides cloud-based event ticketing and relationship management for artists and arts organizations. Sell tickets, collect donations, track your patrons, and build your audience using a set of simple online tools. The basic service is free free for ticket sellers - we cover our costs through a modest $2 per ticket surcharge, which is paid by the buyer and only applies to credit card sales processed via (free events and cash sales are free). is a hosted version of ATHENA - Fractured Atlas’s groundbreaking open source software platform for the cultural sector. We’re working hard to make ATHENA as awesome as it can be, but in the meantime, we wanted to give the community something it could use today. Unlike ATHENA, requires no special technical expertise and you can be up and running in minutes.

During the private beta, accounts are available by invitation only. Sign up for the invite list here.

UPDATE: Roger Tomlinson thinks my description of pricing is misleading. To be clear: we don’t charge arts organizations to use for CRM or ticketing. However, we do tack on a $2/ticket surcharge, which is paid for by the ticket buyers and is how we keep our doors open. In addition, the credit card companies assess processing fees which we have to pass along; these amount to 3.5% of ticket sales or donations processed by

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4 Responses to “ Now in Private Beta!”

  1. Bola Odulate:

    I’m not sure why this post thinks I’m logged in as waterval! This is Bola and I have a question. When donations are made via, is the administrative handling charge 3.5%? Or is it 3.5% + 6%? Thanks.

  2. Adam Huttler:

    Hi Bola,

    Great question. We haven’t yet integrated with our fiscal sponsorship program, but we expect to roll that out shortly (hopefully within a week or so). When we do, we will eat the credit card fees for sponsee donations, as we always have. So it’s just the regular 6%, which is all-inclusive.


    PS. No idea why Wordpress thinks you’re someone named waterval, except that Wordpress is sometimes remarkably stupid! Sorry about that…

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