Get Ready for ArtsReady

How many times have I written encouraging words about how easy disaster planning can be, how simple we can make it, how not very frightening it can be?

Well, our friends at SouthArts have done me one better (way more than one, actually) and have been working tirelessly for years on an amazing project, ArtsReady, that launches this afternoon.

ArtsReady puts every tool that an arts organization might need to be properly prepared for a disaster in one central location with an easy-to-use interface and plenty of support. And remember, we don’t think of “disaster” as just your building burning down or an earthquake toppling your theater; a disaster can be anything from the sudden departure of an influential Executive Director to the power going out minutes before your gallery show opens. These are not the times to have to guess the password to the company’s online bank account or try to call the one person in the organization who remembers where the circuit breakers are. These are the times to have everything together in one place, ready to go, so that you can sail on smoothly, or as smoothly as circumstances allow.

In clear, simple steps, the online ArtsReady platform helps you assess your degree of readiness, put together a plan to address any areas of crisis preparedness or continuity planning that may be lacking, provide you a secure online location to upload critical files, and find a “Battle Buddy”, another arts organization outside of your geographic area who will (hopefully) not be impacted by your disaster and will be able to provide offsite assistance ad well as moral support. It’s beautiful, it’s brilliant, and it’s something no arts organization should be without.

Go, check it out. Sign up. Be proactive. Be ArtsReady.

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