Now Hiring — Program Associate

That’s right, Fractured Atlas is in the market for a new Program Associate. Here’s the official job description.

We’re looking for smart perfectionists who are obsessed with customer service and believe passionately in the value and importance of the arts. We’re looking for creative problem solvers who are cool under pressure and able to communicate complex ideas in a down-to-earth, accessible manner. This is not an easy job. You will work hard, with occasionally long hours, on the front lines of a fast-paced environment where change is the norm and not the exception.

This is an entry-level position. Not everyone succeeds at this job. Because you’ll be exposed to all aspects of the organization and every one of our programs and services, you’ll have the opportunity for professional development in almost any direction you choose.

If that sounds interesting (and for some I’m sure it sounds pretty horrible), then we want your resume. Follow the instructions in the official job description.

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7 Responses to “Now Hiring — Program Associate”

  1. Hannah:

    This job sounds pretty amazing. Is the position New York based?

  2. tim.cynova:

    Hi Hannah, thanks for your interest in the gig! This position does require the person to work from New York City. Best wishes, Tim.

  3. Tatum:

    Hello, there! I would very much love to apply, but I won’t be able to provide professional references. My first full-time job that lasted two years was in Japan. I do have customer service experience, but my supervisor has long since left the place that I worked. Would I still be considered if I send three very reliable personal and academic references? Thank you.

  4. Joe:

    This sounds like a great entry level opportunity! Is the position still open?

  5. tim.cynova:

    Hi Joe, yes, still open — deadline for applications is October 7.

  6. tim.cynova:

    Hi Tatum, please send what you have reference-wise in your packet and we’ll go from there if you are selected for an interview.

  7. Tariq:

    Good Evening,

    I have been enamored with the level and scope of services offered to artisans by this organization and will definitely apply. Also, loving this interactive forum where actual feedback and replies are given. Really feeling Fractured Atlas– Best to you Mr. Cynova and the dedicated staff.