With Artful.ly, Your Data is YOUR Data

We’re three months into private beta for Artful.ly, Fractured Atlas’s new online software for selling tickets, accepting donations, and managing contacts.  We’ve been plugging away, adding new features, and generally trying to make it awesome(r).artful.ly

This week we released some basic features for handling imports and exports. That might sound mundane, but the ability to easily get your data in or out of a tool like Artful.ly is critically important.

Easy imports mean you can put your existing contacts right into Artful.ly and start using it with minimal set-up time or expense.  No need to chain some piteous intern to a desk for a week to re-create contact records. Importing is a free, self-service process (unlike some other CRMs out there).

Easy exports mean you can get your data out when you need it.  You worked hard to sell those tickets, get those donations, and build those relationships with patrons.  It’s YOUR data and it shouldn’t require special permission or an expensive consultant to get it out of your database.

Here’s the deal:  we think Artful.ly is already pretty great, but we’re also under no delusions that it will ever do everything for everybody. You may love Artful.ly more than you love your own mother, but sooner or later the day will come when you need to move your data into another system. It could be a direct mail campaign, or a fundraising partnership, or a list exchange, or even a research project. When that day comes, we think you’ll be grateful that openness and data portability are among our bedrock principles.

More info on imports and exports.

Are you ready to work Artful.ly? Request your invitation to join the private beta.

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