Sell Tickets Anywhere (Even at the Door) with

We’re in the closing weeks of the private beta forĀ, Fractured Atlas’s new cloud-based software for selling tickets, raising money, and managing patrons. But before we go public, we’ve got a few more features and tweaks to roll out that we think will make really special. This morning we took an important step closer to that goal by releasing the “ Box Office”.

artfully-homeOne of our core design principles for is that you should be able to sell tickets anywhere using the same system. Sell on the website. Sell on your own website. Sell via 3rd-party resellers. And now you can even sell tickets the old fashioned way: at the door.

“What’s so special about that?” you ask. You’ve been taking cash at the door since the dawn of time, so this isn’t all that groundbreaking. That’s true enough. But using to manage your box office offers a few key advantages:

  • Sales and patron data are tracked right alongside your other sales and donations, giving you a more complete picture of your audience
  • Cash sales are no longer anonymous; if you know who’s paying cash for your tickets, you can record that information with a couple of clicks
  • Process credit card sales without needing your own merchant account or point-of-sale system
  • (Optionally) swipe credit cards using a simple, inexpensive USB card-swiper, making the process super speedy
  •’s regular $2/ticket surcharge is WAIVED for at-the-door sales

Want to learn more about Check out the new website.

Want a sneak peak? Request an invitation to the private beta.


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