New webinars! Legal & Business Bootcamp for Arts Professionals

We’re really excited to announce a new webinar series launching this month!

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) and Fractured Atlas are pleased to announce this four-part program, a modified version of VLA’s Legal & Business Bootcamp for Arts Professionals.  This Bootcamp will cover the legal and business issues that affect individual artists of all arts disciplines and individuals within arts institutions and will include a special class on legal and business aspects of film and documentary projects.

Here is the schedule:

March 19th: Legal & Business Issues in Forming Your Arts Business
This webinar provides valuable information about starting an arts-related business. Covered issues also include: For vs. Non-Profit incorporation, fiscal sponsorship, selecting and protecting business names; the legal and tax characteristics of LLCs an publication requirements, partnerships, and type C and S corporations; choice of jurisdiction; financing your business; employees and independent contracts; and insurance.

April 23rd: Legal & Business Issues for Filmmakers and Producers
This webinar will provide an overview of the legal issues and common business arrangements used in film and television projects. In addition, option agreements for the acquisition of literary properties, distribution agreements, and a comprehensive release for reality based television programs will be discussed. We will also take a look at legal issues surrounding recent films such as Borat.

May 22nd: Copyright for Artists
With the recent increase in copyright issues and lawsuits, visual and performing artists need to be aware of copyright laws and the legal issues that may affect their practice and the presentation of their art work. This class will focus on copyright law, with a primer on some of the more pressing legal concerns for artists today, such as the distinction between ideas and expression, the use of appropriated images and text, as well as fair use. The webinar will refer to legal cases in order to illustrate key concepts.

June 19th: Contracts, Agreements and Documentation for Arts Professionals
This webinar will point out the need for written agreements, highlight the key factors necessary in making bindign agreements, as well as issues that arise when negotiating written agreements.  We will also discuss a few negotiation strategies and how documentation of transactions can help in forming binding agreements.

Each webinar starts at 6pm EST and is 90 minutes.

Cost for webinars
$35 each for members of Fractured Atlas or VLA
$45 each for non-members

If you’d like to participate in all four, we have a package deal:
$100 for members of Fractured Atlas or VLA
$175 for non-members

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  1. Janeen:

    how long do they last and do they start east coast time?

  2. Janeen:

    never mind. Just saw next feed..