New Features Springing Up

We’ve been hunkered down for the last couple months preparing for a spring refresh of’s user interfaces. Basic ticketing, receiving donations, and contact management are already fully functional features, but when the new design goes up in mid-April, is going to be smart and pretty.

In the meantime, our programmers have quietly released a bunch of little improvements you can use now:

  • Sleeker Storefronts: The Storefronts automatically generated by now include an event image and a venue map so you can put together an attractive ticket sales page, like this one, in just minutes.

Sleeker Storefronts

  • More Info from Ticket Buyers: A customizable field in the Storefront shopping cart allows you to ask patrons a question during checkout. Use it for questions like ‘Would you prefer chicken or fish?,’ ‘What’s your guest’s name?,’  or ‘Do you have any special seating needs?’ And the new shopping cart design hovers over the Storefront and indicates how far along a customer is in the checkout process.

Ask ticket buyers a question during checkout.


  • People Notes: Dated, searchable notes on People records help you keep track of your patrons’ biographical details and interests.
  • Customized Shopping Carts: A new wizard tool makes it easy to get the code you need to install a ticket and/or donation shopping cart widget on your own website.
  • Exportable Door Lists: CSV file export allows you to pull an up-to-date list of ticket sales info and format it however you like.


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