Congratulations to Recently Approved Fiscally Sponsored Projects!

In March our board approved 117 projects from 23 states.  These projects applied for fiscal sponsorship in February.  Check them out!

27: a documentary
2nd Sundays Script Reading Series
A Beautiful Spell
A Big Project presents: A John Cage Festival
American Wedding Film
Ann Schnake Projects
Art in Motion
Awesome Possum Theatre Symposium
Beasts & Lunatics with the Unsanctioned Interlocutor
Cancer Survivor’s Theatre/Film project
CD Recording - João Kouyoumdjian
Cecily and Gwendolyn’s Fantastical….”
Center for the Arts, Port au Prince
Chicago School of Blues
Cinema Forum Fukushima
COR Music Project
Dakota Apartments Documentary
Dark & Stormy Productions
Dialogue: Jamaica Plain’s Chamber Music Project
Did You Kiss the Dead Body: Visualizing Absence in the Archive
Dollar Burgers
Donnell Oakley Projects
Dresses for Haiti
Ed. Varie
EveryPeople Workshop
Fifth Letter Productions Season
Finding Unicorns
Firebird Music
Fort Apache
Four Dogs and a Bone
Frank and Franklin
From The Sky
Gladys Productions
Guardian Angel
H2HFilms/ Gang Rape in Pakistan
Hands Down Entertainment
Heaven Adores You (an elliott smith project)
Imaginal Disc Art Community Project
Imagination Creation Children’ Theatre
In Our Father’s Footsteps
IN THE PINK: the 1,000,000 people art project
Infusion Crew
Interchange Music
iStar Theatre Lab
Jason Eckardt
Journey To Africa’s Burden
Karen Lewellen- communicating creatively!
Laura Napier
Live to Dream
Lone Star Theatre Company
Love Hunter
Love Me, Love Me Not
Manifest Destiny III
Mercia Entertainment
Mosa Mack
Moth Opera
MOVEiUS Dance performing season
Nell and the Bell
Noel and Company
NOIS - Network of Open Instrument Studios
Once I Was
One Soul Fellowship Quartet Tour in Tumen River
Our Ladies of South 4th Street
Pembroke Circle
permadirty project space
Plantando Banderas
Portraits of Family House
Post5 Theatre
Prayer Mama
Preston’s Story
Private Justice
Proud Kate Theatre Project
Ribbons of Hope
Samsun van Loon
Seniors Orchestral Society of NY
Senses Askew Company Event for Winter 2012/2013
Simply Charly
Soyinka Festival
Sustainable Planet
The Blind Spot
The Directors’ Workshop
The Factorye
The Forum Project
The Hamlet Collective
The Movement Party
The Power to Heal (working title)
The Roddis Dress Collection
The Root Collective
The Shop
The Silent Killer
The Tailor’s Apprentice
The Values Project
The WhiteListed Theatre Company
The World Goes ‘Round
The York Shakespeare Company
Trust Art
Tumaini Film Project
USSSA (united secret society of subversive artists)
Veterans Project Pride
Virginia Independent Artist Society
War in Heaven, War on Earth

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