Designing Robust Patron Records in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Beyond’s basic functions for selling tickets, tracking donations, and managing contacts are already being used by 100+ independent artists and small arts organizations. Later this week we’ll release a refreshed interface design that makes the whole app much more intuitive and downright hot.

Now that we’re all dressed up, we’re going out! Hittin’ the towns of Baltimore and Pittsburgh to research our next batch of features and improvements — building exceptional patron records.

Keeping track of your fans’ opinions, preferences, and connections is key to the success of any creative organization. We know that, but we want to know more, so we’re convening three Community Design Sessions to hear about what kind of patron information arts groups want to track. In Baltimore, the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation will host  two sessions on Tuesday, May 8th (9AM-1PM and 12-4PM). In Pittsburgh, the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council will host one session on Thursday, May 10th (2:30-6PM).

At each of these Community Design Sessions we will address issues such as: What demographic, psychographic, and behavioralistic information do you want to know about your patrons? How do you classify or segment patrons for marketing purposes? How would you like to better manage your mass email campaigns? How would you like to integrate social media and patron records?

If you live in either of these cities and your role involves fundraising, marketing, ticketing, and/or community engagement then we’d love to have you join us! Please RSVP with the links below.

Email me if you have any questions or would like to host an Community Design session in your city.

And now, as a reward for reading this long post, a couple sneak peek screenshots of the new interface designs!



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