Looking for artists in Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District!

For over a year now, I’ve been telling people that Fractured Atlas’s membership includes at least one artist or organization from all but one US Congressional district. That’s right - we’ve been stuck at 434 out of 435.

(If you’re interested to see how those 434 shake out, you can see a live breakdown of the membership by Congressional representative on our website.)

Anyway, today I finally got around to digging in and figuring out which district we’re missing. [Drumroll...] Turns out it’s GA-2, Georgia’s 2nd. So, of course I read the Wikipedia article about the district and now I’m bound and determined to make it 435/435!

So here’s the deal:

We’re offering a free one-year’s membership at the Individual or Organizational level to anyone who signs up from GA-2 between now and July 1, 2012. Just sign up as usual and shoot us an email to let us know that you’ve arrived. We’ll refund your dues and maybe even highlight you on the blog.

UPDATE: Well that didn’t take long! Two new members signed up from the Georgia 2nd on Saturday, less than 48 hours after this post. The first was Jeff Green, artistic director of Rylander Theater/Community Partnership Productions, a collaboration between the Americus Theater and Cultural Authority and Georgia Southwestern State University. (Jeff promptly referred someone else, but I haven’t gotten clearance to list his/her name, so I’ll protect his/her privacy by remaining vague about the particulars…)

Stay tuned for a more in-depth profile of Jeff’s work coming soon!

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