‘If You’re Marketing to Everyone, You’re Marketing to No One.’

You’ve probably heard that adage before–from social media mavens, business-savvy board members, or your college roommate who-totally-sold-out-and-works-for-some-mega-corp-with-a-massive-advertising-budget-and-20-plus-MBA-interns-doing-market-research-so-what-does-she-know-about-getting-butts-in-seats-on-a-shoestring-nonprofit-budget-huh?


Well, no matter where you heard it, the truth of it is that people respond to messages that are relevant to them and speak to their interests. The trick is being able to identify those interests and characteristics easily so you can spend your energy on crafting compelling messages.

Artful.ly’s new advanced search and list segmentation tools make defining and tracking specific groups of people easy. Users can now filter their People records by tag, event, donation amount, donation date, lifetime value, and location. And these search criteria can be used in combination to create multivariable searches, such as patrons who:

  • gave $50-100 in fiscal year 2012
  • bought tickets to your last show
  • live in Pittsburgh
  • AND are tagged as dance fans

The real nifty part is that after selecting a set of search criteria, you can save those parameters as a list segment. So…

A Saved Search = A List Segment

…which means next time you want to see the list of people who meet those criteria, you don’t need to set up the criteria again–just select your saved list segment. Each time you view a list segment, Artful.ly runs a fresh search with all your saved search criteria.

List segments are easily exported to spreadsheets for you to use in mail merges and email marketing so you can make sure everyone feels special.

Learn more about advanced search in the Artful.ly Knowledge Base.

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