A Valentines Day Gift for You - Health Care Resources

We are very excited to launch a new section of our website today: Health Care Resources. This page connects ourgoodrx members with exciting companies that are harnessing technology to make your health care and prescriptions more accessible and affordable.

Fractured Atlas now has partnerships with GoodRx and One Medical Group, two of the most forward-thinking health care companies out there.

Now, you can use the Health Care Resources page to find out how much your prescriptions will cost at every pharmacy in your neighborhood (did you even know that the cost can vary wildly from pharmacy to pharmacy?). If you can order medications through the mail to save even more money, our new tool, powered by GoodRx, will tell you so. More than just a coupon card, this tool enables you to use your buying power to support companies that are charging you a fair price on your prescriptions.

As an active member of One Medical Group, I’m also thrilled to introduce our one-medicalpartnership with them. A revolutionary membership-based medical practice, One Medical is now offering  Fractured Atlas members a 15% discount on annual dues. I can tell you from personal experience, being a member of One Medical has saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in medical costs in the last year. They allow you to book appointments online, the same-day, saving me costly trips to urgent care clinics. All of their appointments start exactly on time, and you spend the full appointment with your doctor. For anyone who has waited in a waiting room for ages, just to get in to see a triage nurse, and then spent less than 5 minutes talking to their actual doctor, this level of attention takes a little getting used to! After your appointment, your doctor is available to you over email, to discuss any follow-up questions you forgot to ask, or any new issues you’re having. If you have a touch of hypochondria, like me, having my doctor tell me that I don’t need to come into the office for an appointment and give advice over email has cut down measurably on my visits to the doctor.

Visiting a One Medical Group office feels like visiting a spa. All of your paperwork can be filled out online beforehand, so instead of scribbling on a clipboard, you’re spending your wait time pouring yourself a glass of water and lounging in their luxe lobby. In addition to primary care and OB/GYN, many offices also offer integrative medicine, so it’s not uncommon to have your primary care physician give you options of western and eastern medicine to treat what ails you. Do you have a high-deductible health plan or no insurance at all? They publish a fee schedule on their website, so you will know exactly how much your visit will cost before you even schedule it.

Please visit our Health Care Resources page to use these new tools and discounts! And, as always, we are interested in your feedback, so please touch base and let us know how these programs are working for you.

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