Great news: Making donations to your project just got easier!

Hey fiscally sponsored projects!  You provided feedback, and we listened!  Your online donation page, your online profiles, and Fractured Atlas campaigns have been rolled into one!  Donations can now be made directly from your online profile, rather than from a completely separate page.

Fiscal Sponsorship Profile

What are the benefits?

  • This should prevent accidental donations to the Fractured Atlas general fund because your online project description will be on the same page as your donate button.
  • Your donors will no longer need to scroll down to find a place to donate.  There will be a big ol’ donate button right next to your picture or video.
  • You can add giving levels on your comprehensive donation page.   This means you can offer partially deductible donations on our website without setting up a separate campaign!

How does it work?


  • When your donor clicks “donate” a window will pop-up asking them how much they’d like to donate, how frequently they’d like to donate, and if they’d like to cover the administrative fee.  Once they enter this information and click “Continue to Next Step,” they’ll be led through the process of entering their contact and billing information.
  • You can set up your giving levels on your “My Fiscal Sponsorship” page under the “Donations” section.   Don’t worry-they don’t need to be permanent.  When they’re no longer available, you can delete, hide, or edit them!

We’re excited about these changes over here at Fractured Atlas and hope you are too!  As always, let us know if you have any questions about the changes. Happy Fundraising!

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2 Responses to “Great news: Making donations to your project just got easier!”

  1. donameea:

    I think this is a great option!

  2. annmoss:

    Thank you Fractured Atlas! I already love the service you’ve provided me with so far, and these changes will just make my job of raising funds that much easier! Yay!