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The ATHENA Chronicles, Part 5

A True Story of Two Real Fractured Atlas Research Fellows
For more of the chronicles, follow the espionage trail…

The Agents have been called to a revolution in a mid-western state or small Middle Eastern country. Their destination is undisclosed. Whether they are there to quell or instigate is unclear. Either way, their services are needed urgently.
Before departing for [...]

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The ATHENA Chronicles, Part 1

A True Story of Two Research Fellows in One Particularly Chilly Room at Fractured Atlas
For more of the chronicles, follow the espionage trail…
Name: Heather Ruth
Training: Veteran Arts Fundraiser.  Previously, American Federation of Arts, ArtTable, and covert operations. Future assignments are classified.
Age: Unknown
Rating: Awesome

Name: Selena Juneau-Vogel
Training: Grad student at NYU Wagner School of Public [...]

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