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Pocket Guide Madness!

We’d like to introduce our two newest additions to our pocket guide series:  The Artists’ Guide to Health Reform and The Artists’ Guide to Health Insurance.
The Artists’ Guide to Health Reform provides a general overview of the new healthcare law.  If you’ve overwhelmed by all the media on health reform and you’re still unsure of [...]

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Is Obamacare Unconstitutional?

There’s been some heated debate lately on whether the new healthcare law is unconstitutional.  The controversy is focused on a single component of the law: the individual mandate (i.e. the requirement for everyone to buy health insurance).
This is controversial not because it is a mandate, per se.  After all, plenty of uncontroversial legal mandates already [...]

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What’s Going on with Health Reform?

Healthcare is back in the news as Republicans and Democrats fight over what reform will actually look like.
But a fair amount of the law has already come into effect; the rest will be phased in gradually over the next several years with the majority implemented in 2014.  Here’s some of what you already have:

No lifetime limits [...]

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Hey New York! Got health insurance?

When it comes to health insurance, have you ever wished for…

A good deal! Low priced coverage that doesn’t suck dry your hard-earned cash.
Transparency! Simple, straight up easy to understand coverage, with no catch-22s.
Freedom! Your health insurance stays with you from gig to gig. You don’t want to work at a soul-sucking corporate [...]

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…Because Art is Dangerous

We’re super excited that our “…Because Art is Dangerous” awareness campaign has officially kicked off in Philadelphia! In a nutshell, the heart of this campaign focuses upon providing one-on-one guidance around health insurance to emerging artists and “creativepreneurs” alike. Read our press release!

Our goal? 1) To help as many artists as [...]

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