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Career Change for Performers: Plateaus, Passion, and Proactive Support

(Scroll down to find out about next week’s free career events for performers in NYC!)
I’ve heard it said more than once that performing is the gateway drug to a career in the arts.
That was my story, as it was for most of my arts and entertainment industry colleagues – many of you who work on [...]

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Interviewing Your Marketing Firm: How to Find the Right Marketer or Publicist for You

It’s that time again!  Tweet at me for a chance to win a spot at the IAA Global Marketing Summit on April 26 in NYC!
I love meeting new people with great ideas that just need a little promotional push to get their business, event, or product on a roll.  But what I don’t love is [...]

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Keep Your Resolutions: How to Set Goals That Get Accomplished

Last weekend, I had the delight of hosting a New Year’s goal setting brunch with a group of creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and grad students – an altogether inspirational and accomplished group.  We arrived with ideas of what we wanted for ourselves and our careers in the New Year, and left with well-defined, tangible goals.  Knowing [...]

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Make Your Voice Heard: How Artists Can Influence Policy and the Political Process

Last Wednesday, Fractured Atlas hosted a conversation with NYC 26th District Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer, who is also Chair of the NYC Cultural Affairs Committee, at Topaz Arts in Queens NYC.
>see photos

The event had a surprisingly fantastic turnout, and Van Bramer stayed an hour late just to answer every question from the overflowing audience of artists.  [...]

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Toward a Better Relationship Between Artists and Space

On November 7, Fractured Atlas and Gibney Dance partnered to present a live chat about Space in tandem with our launch of NYC Performing Arts Spaces 2.0.  We were joined by dancers, choreographers, space managers, and funders, all with valuable perspectives on how spaces can better serve artists.
>See photos!
Though we were only able to scratch [...]

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Event Essentials: Marketing Events and Leveraging Events for Publicity

Get your event on and join Fractured Atlas on Monday 11/7 for Space: Solutions at Gibney Dance Center in NYC to celebrate the launch of NYC Performing Arts Spaces 2.0!

There’s no PR like event PR.  Events are news, events build community, events build brands - and there are infinite opportunities for creativity
In the digital age, [...]

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Profit in the Arts: Are All Projects Worth Funding?

Trivia Time! Whose business model is this?
Our core operations are sustained by earned revenue drawn from [our products/services]. This is by design. We believe that if the services we provide create real value for our [customers], then they will be willing to pay a reasonable amount for them. This approach also provides a built-in evaluation [...]

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Your Audience is ADD

Hey you!  Yeah you, over there texting on your iPhone while watching a YouTube video in your Facebook feed on your laptop with eight other browser windows vying for your attention.
Your emails are too long.
Yes, that one too, but I’m talking about your e-newsletters.  The ones that go to your organization’s entire mailing list.
Turn the [...]

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Why Resumes Get Deleted: Job Application Basics for Artists & Arts Professionals

Applying for a job in the arts?  Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily mean you get to be artistic with your job application.
Last week, I dismissed 90% of the applications I received for an assistant-level position at my company, Pressler Collaborative.  In other words, where I am open to entertaining varied work experience and career goals (versus [...]

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Case Studies: How For-Profit Arts Companies Build Community

As a marketing consultant who, well, blogs for an arts organization, when I say that my primary clients are actually for-profit companies with a product or service for artists, I consistently get a blank stare of confusion.  Blame my inability to create my own elevator pitch (though I can and do for clients - ah, [...]

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