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This morning we released a re-design of’s patron records interface! If you don’t speak geek, this might not be immediately exciting to you, so let me just show you what it looks like and what it does. Mouse over this nifty interactive map and click on the red dots to learn about the features [...]

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Email Marketing Done

Integration with MailChimp has been the most popular item in the Feature Request Forum for over a year. And now, with help from MailChimp and Baltimore-based software developers SmartLogic, we are pleased to launch the + MailChimp integration!
If you’ve been holding your breath for this, please exhale and proceed to these instructions for [...]

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Everyone Loves a Deal

Discounts, promotions, coupons, bargains, sales, deals! We all love getting something for less and now allows you to create a myriad of discounts for your ticket buyers.
These new features make creating reduced price discounts, two-for-one deals, and special groups rates on tickets easy and intuitive. You can limit discounts to specific seating sections, price points, [...]

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On Dasher, On Dancer, On WordPress, and Vixen!

Are all those $1,000 checks from your year-end appeal cluttering up your desk? That’s rough. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a ‘Donate’ button right on your website? And those donations were automatically logged in your database?
*AHem…cough cough…!*
Tired of carting your patrons off to other sites to buy tickets? Wouldn’t it [...]

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Bring Your Data Baggage with You!

“Importing is one of the circles of hell for software programmers,” Clinton, one of our programmers, recently explained to me.
See, the thing is, when programmers first build a new software application like, they get to dictate how data gets added to their system. They build tidy little square holes and allow hypothetical [...]

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‘If You’re Marketing to Everyone, You’re Marketing to No One.’

You’ve probably heard that adage before–from social media mavens, business-savvy board members, or your college roommate who-totally-sold-out-and-works-for-some-mega-corp-with-a-massive-advertising-budget-and-20-plus-MBA-interns-doing-market-research-so-what-does-she-know-about-getting-butts-in-seats-on-a-shoestring-nonprofit-budget-huh?
Well, no matter where you heard it, the truth of it is that people respond to messages that are relevant to them and speak to their interests. The trick is being able to identify those interests and characteristics easily [...]

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We could have lounged on the beach devouring Fifty Shades of Grey on our Kindle. Instead, we bulked up our support features. Now we’re ripped with:

More than fifty (shades of) how-to and help articles in the Knowledge Base
Getting Started with screencast
Setting up Your First Event with screencast
Selling Tickets with screencast
Tweets [...]

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We Build What You Tell Us To: Community Design Update

This spring, we visited Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Detroit to talk with arts managers about tracking and managing patron data. These Community Design Sessions are central to creating new features for, our arts management software for selling tickets, taking donations, and managing contacts. More than fifty participants shared their insights in these sessions (thank you!) [...]

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Designing Robust Patron Records in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Beyond’s basic functions for selling tickets, tracking donations, and managing contacts are already being used by 100+ independent artists and small arts organizations. Later this week we’ll release a refreshed interface design that makes the whole app much more intuitive and downright hot.
Now that we’re all dressed up, we’re going out! Hittin’ the towns [...]

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New Features Springing Up

We’ve been hunkered down for the last couple months preparing for a spring refresh of’s user interfaces. Basic ticketing, receiving donations, and contact management are already fully functional features, but when the new design goes up in mid-April, is going to be smart and pretty.
In the meantime, our programmers have quietly released a [...]

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