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NEA Under Attack (again!)

I’m under two crazy deadlines right now, so this needs to be short, but suffice it to say that Fox News’s demagogue-in-chief, Glenn Beck, has aimed his crosshairs at the NEA. This is really nasty, ugly stuff.
Ian Moss has more here.
Arlene Goldbard, too.

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Arlene Goldbard’s Advice to Rocco Landesman

I don’t always agree with Arlene Goldbard, but she’s always a good, thought-provoking read. Her latest blog post addresses Rocco Landesman, the presumptive nominee to chair the National Endowment for the Arts.
I have no doubt that Rocco Landesman has the intelligence to [understand the differences between producing commercial theatre and leading the NEA], and certainly, [...]

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WPA Redux Pt. Deux (or, when 1% is a hell of a lot)

A few weeks ago I pointed out Arlene Goldbard’s excellent summary of the issues surrounding a “new WPA” and specifically how the arts might be involved in or affected by such an undertaking. Arlene has now posted a follow-up piece which is equally worth a read.
Like the last piece it is thorough and informative, and [...]

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WPA Redux

There’s been endless talk lately about the Obama administration’s economic stimulus agenda and how it might incorporate or impact the arts. Some of that chatter has even taken place on this blog.
Thankfully, Arlene Goldbard has put together an extremely thorough treatment of the subject.  She covers the historical precedents, the current arguments, and the [...]

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