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Fractured Atlas Book Club: The Zen of Fundraising

I never would’ve guessed that a book called The Zen of Fundraising would dole out some tough love. My mouth dropped on the subway when I read that author Ken Burnett, an international fundraising expert, believes that most donors receive better customer service from their local fast food restaurant (he names a specific chain, but [...]

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#TechToolThursday: MailChimp

How do you keep in touch with your fans? Most of you probably keep some kind of e-mail list of people who’ve either come to one of your events, or found out about your work online. Managing this list can be time consuming, as people move to new e-mail addresses or request to be taken [...]

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Join Us to Celebrate Taking Off the Training Wheels

Five years ago, Fractured Atlas began to imagine a new cloud-based software platform for managing arts organizations:
We knew going in that this would likely be the most ambitious, challenging project we’d ever attempted. In a sense, it was the culmination of our first decade of work as a technology-driven arts service organization. While technology [...]

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This morning we released a re-design of’s patron records interface! If you don’t speak geek, this might not be immediately exciting to you, so let me just show you what it looks like and what it does. Mouse over this nifty interactive map and click on the red dots to learn about the features [...]

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Fiscal Sponsorship + Information Session in NYC

We’ve been on the road a ton lately, but the Fractured Atlas staff is sticking close to home in May and we want to meet you.  We’re hosting an information session about two of our programs–Fiscal Sponsorship and–on May 20th in New York City at Wix Lounge.  You will not only get the chance to [...]

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Email Marketing Done

Integration with MailChimp has been the most popular item in the Feature Request Forum for over a year. And now, with help from MailChimp and Baltimore-based software developers SmartLogic, we are pleased to launch the + MailChimp integration!
If you’ve been holding your breath for this, please exhale and proceed to these instructions for [...]

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Everyone Loves a Deal

Discounts, promotions, coupons, bargains, sales, deals! We all love getting something for less and now allows you to create a myriad of discounts for your ticket buyers.
These new features make creating reduced price discounts, two-for-one deals, and special groups rates on tickets easy and intuitive. You can limit discounts to specific seating sections, price points, [...]

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On Dasher, On Dancer, On WordPress, and Vixen!

Are all those $1,000 checks from your year-end appeal cluttering up your desk? That’s rough. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a ‘Donate’ button right on your website? And those donations were automatically logged in your database?
*AHem…cough cough…!*
Tired of carting your patrons off to other sites to buy tickets? Wouldn’t it [...]

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Bring Your Data Baggage with You!

“Importing is one of the circles of hell for software programmers,” Clinton, one of our programmers, recently explained to me.
See, the thing is, when programmers first build a new software application like, they get to dictate how data gets added to their system. They build tidy little square holes and allow hypothetical [...]

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Announcing Open Source Edition

Today I am pleased to announce the release of Open Source Edition v1.0.
Many readers will already be familiar with, Fractured Atlas’s cloud-based web app that empowers artists and arts organizations with tools for ticketing, donor management, and more. Open Source Edition (OSE) is the underlying engine that powers, and it is [...]

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