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Two New Job Openings

POSITION: Program Associate, Technology Programs
POSTED: February 15, 2012
DEADLINE: March 15, 2012

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Help Us Help You: Fundraisers, Benefits, and Galas

Ah, January. The month for new beginnings, putting things in order, getting in shape, and geeking-out about fundraisers. Wait…what?
But really, what are your business resolutions for 2012? Keep better track of your ticket buyers? Sell some tickets with a papering service? Remind your patrons about your work more often so they don’t ignore your year-end [...]

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With, Your Data is YOUR Data

We’re three months into private beta for, Fractured Atlas’s new online software for selling tickets, accepting donations, and managing contacts.  We’ve been plugging away, adding new features, and generally trying to make it awesome(r).
This week we released some basic features for handling imports and exports. That might sound mundane, but the ability to easily [...]

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I am very happy to announce that today Fractured Atlas is launching in a private beta. This is the biggest new service Fractured Atlas has introduced in years, and I’m very excited that it’s about to see the light of day. provides cloud-based event ticketing and relationship management for artists and arts organizations. Sell [...]

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Now Hiring: Program Specialist, Technology Programs

POSITION: Program Specialist, Technology Programs
POSTED: August 8, 2011
DEADLINE: August 29, 2011

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ATHENA 1.0 is Here

It’s been a long almost 18 months since I first announced that Fractured Atlas was building open source ticketing software called ATHENA Tix. Boy have we been busy! Today (admittedly a few months later than originally planned), I am very happy to announce the first official release of the ATHENA software platform. As planned, it’s [...]

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The Steering Group

Made up of representatives from six arts organizations, the ATHENA Tix Design Steering Group poured over copious notes taken from our Community Design Sessions and evaluated what made sense to include in version 1.0 of our software.

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The Community’s Design

One of the components of the design process of our open source ATHENA software (of which ATHENA Tix is one module) has been the use of Community Design Sessions. We convened folks from three very different arts communities to tell us what exactly their dream ticketing software would look like.

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The ATHENA Chronicles, Part 5

A True Story of Two Real Fractured Atlas Research Fellows
For more of the chronicles, follow the espionage trail…

The Agents have been called to a revolution in a mid-western state or small Middle Eastern country. Their destination is undisclosed. Whether they are there to quell or instigate is unclear. Either way, their services are needed urgently.
Before departing for [...]

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Data Sharing Rewind

For those who missed it, our Issue Brunch on Data Sharing was detailed, provocative, and a bit geeky. Our seven participants shared concerns and strategies based on their experiences as grantmakers, marketers, administrators, and technology experts. Moderator David Dombroksy already wrote a great piece on trust issues around data sharing. Some highlights of the discussion [...]

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