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Help Us Help You: Fundraisers, Benefits, and Galas

Ah, January. The month for new beginnings, putting things in order, getting in shape, and geeking-out about fundraisers. Wait…what?
But really, what are your business resolutions for 2012? Keep better track of your ticket buyers? Sell some tickets with a papering service? Remind your patrons about your work more often so they don’t ignore your year-end [...]

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In Case You Missed Them on November 8th…

We’ve uploaded videos of the performances from our benefit on November 8th. If you missed them for any reason - you couldn’t be at the benefit, you planted yourself by the open bar and skipped the boring performance stuff, etc. - now’s your chance to see these Fractured Atlas members doing their thing.
NY Polyphony [...]

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Speechification ‘07

Second only to Christmas morning, children across America anxiously await the moment when my benefit keynote is posted. Well, kiddies, Santa Claus is here!
This is in two sections, since YouTube doesn’t allow videos longer than 10 minutes (the full speech is a little over 11 minutes). In case you’re more into reading than watching/listening, [...]

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Congratulations Contest Winners!

At our benefit on Thursday night we announced the winners of the Fractured Atlas Online Video Contest. Here they are:
2nd Runner Up: “Change the World” by Kevin Sampson

1st Runner Up: “Office-Bot” by David Sandberg

$3,000 Winner: “The Egg Collaboration”

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Final Hours…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or never heard of Fractured Atlas before today) you probably know that our annual benefit is tomorrow night. We’ve been working on this event since February (I kid you not) and we’re now in the final hours. For my part, this is much easier and less [...]

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Video Contest Closed: Watch and Vote Now!

The Fractured Atlas Video Contest closed on November 1. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I had no idea what to expect, but I’m very happy with how it all turned out. We ended up with 20 entries and the overall quality is excellent. Many thanks to Genius Rocket for [...]

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