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Victory for Free Speech

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court strongly affirmed that the first amendment’s free speech protections are broad and may not lightly be curtailed. The case at hand dealt with a California law that would have punished retailers for selling violent video games to minors. By declaring the law unconstitutional, the court struck an important blow against [...]

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Fuel to the fire

Found a great comment on censorship tonight by one of my favorite authors, Philip Pullman.
He observes:
“The inevitable result of trying to ban something – book, film, play, pop song, whatever – is that far more people want to get hold of it than would ever have done if it were left alone. Why don’t the [...]

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NYC Clamps Down on the Tiniest Film Crews

As you may have heard, the NYC Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre, and Broadcasting is proposing some strict new rules (actually, they claim they’re codifying existing rules) on permit requirements for very small film shoots. The proposed rules require permits for shoots with a handheld camera that last more than 30 minutes or those [...]

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