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Fire Performance Group Insurance

We’re happy to announce that we now have an application available for fire performance groups looking for annual general liability insurance. We’re also able to cover circus and variety groups. Don’t worry, you’re not going to shock us with your application, we’ve heard it all before.
You can find out more about the program here.

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Cultural Movers-and-Shakers Sit with Sky/Nova:15

During last week’s Dance/USA conference, Sydney Skybetter (of Design Brooklyn and Skybetter & Associates) and I set out to capture some of the fun, fascinating and absurd discussions that happen behind the scenes. We created a 15-minute online program called Sky/Nova:15 and streamed it live twice a day from my hotel room at the conference.
One [...]

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Featured Member: Dreamtime Circus

San Francisco-based Dreamtime Circus is a troupe of self-described “fire fairies, clowns, musicians, and all types of other magical and fantastical creatures” who not only entertain, but aim to empower and uplift youth, enrich communities, and build cross-cultural relationships through arts education and performance art.

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Member Profile: Dreamtime Circus

One balmy night somewhere amidst Indonesia’s 13,000 islands, Fractured Atlas members Chris Dunn and Kfire were touring the country’s rural villages. On a whim, they choreographed a three scene fire dance and performed it for the locals they encountered.
“The response from the communities was so overwhelmingly positive that we immediately started thinking about how we [...]

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