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Live streaming from Dallas!

I had the great fortune to be in Dallas this past weekend attending the National Performance Network’s Annual Meeting and there was a lot of great stuff going on down here.  I wanted to get the word out that NPN, with the help of our friends at Arena Stage in DC, live streamed all of [...]

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Four Days in Charm City

Whew! I am not sure why seemingly every single arts service organization feels compelled to schedule their annual conferences in June, but it sure makes for a lively travel schedule for schlubs like me. This time around, I was in Baltimore for the Americans for the Arts Half-Century Summit, a much-hyped event indeed. I had an [...]

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Cultural Movers-and-Shakers Sit with Sky/Nova:15

During last week’s Dance/USA conference, Sydney Skybetter (of Design Brooklyn and Skybetter & Associates) and I set out to capture some of the fun, fascinating and absurd discussions that happen behind the scenes. We created a 15-minute online program called Sky/Nova:15 and streamed it live twice a day from my hotel room at the conference.
One [...]

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Orchestra R/Evolution

Conference season is upon us, and many of the major national arts service organizations are having their annual meetings this week. I’m in Atlanta right now doing double duty: blogging and helping out at the League of American Orchestras conference, and speaking at a session at the Chorus America conference on Friday. The opening session [...]

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