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Legal Webinars for the Arts

Fractured Atlas, in collaboration with Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, Esq. are pleased to announce a three-part webinar series focused on legal topics.  This series will cover the legal and business issues that affect individual artists of all arts disciplines and individuals within arts institutions.
Here is the schedule:
September 26th: Should I Start an [...]

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New webinars! Legal & Business Bootcamp for Arts Professionals

We’re really excited to announce a new webinar series launching this month!
Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) and Fractured Atlas are pleased to announce this four-part program, a modified version of VLA’s Legal & Business Bootcamp for Arts Professionals.  This Bootcamp will cover the legal and business issues that affect individual artists of [...]

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Ask the Attorneys: Copyright in Music — Seeing Double

Any time you listen to a track on a CD or an MP3, or listen to a song broadcast on the radio or the internet, or hear that same song as part of a film or television program, you are seeing the exploitation of two separate sets of copyrights. When making or exploiting recorded music, remember that you are not dealing with a single set of copyrights, but with two. Seeing double will help keep you from a potentially disastrous copyright infringement problem.

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The Wrong Way to Protect IP

For a few months now we’ve been tracking a couple of ostensibly artist-friendly bills in Congress that are designed to enhance the ability of copyright-holders to enforce their rights online by shutting down websites dedicated to piracy of intellectual property. Think MP3s, movies, and filesharing (and some more nefarious stuff, too, like Russian websites that [...]

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Ask the Attorneys: Registering Your Copyrights — Just Do It!

I’ll say it as plainly as I can: if you do not promptly register your works with the Copyright Office, you’re setting yourself up for major disappointment.

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Cory Doctorow: Every Pirate Wants to be an Admiral

Some insightful observations from Cory Doctorow on copyright, cultural policy, and history repeating itself:

via Boing Boing and The Guardian

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