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An Ecosystem-Based Approach to Arts Research

(Part of an occasional series on Fractured Atlas’s research philosophy and practices. For more articles, click here.)
As those of you who have been following Fractured Atlas closely may know, we’ve been working on some innovative technological solutions for aggregating and analyzing data about the cultural sector for the past couple of years. This effort is [...]

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Arts Policy Talk, Ice Cream & Chili in The Queen City

Hey Cincinnati, we’re coming to town this Friday!
Join Fractured Atlas Research Director Ian David Moss, our friends at ArtsWave and me for a happy-hour conversation and networking event this Friday, January 7 at 5pm at the Know Theatre of Cincinnati. We’ll be discussing cultural policy trends, data and visualization tools for the arts, the landscape [...]

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[Video] Interview with National Arts Strategies

Since January, I’ve been helping Fractured Atlas develop an integrated cultural asset mapping software suite for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. What is cultural asset mapping, you ask? For us, it means the aggregation of multiple sets of data about the arts and cultural sector to better illuminate who is making art, who is [...]

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Creative Rights & Artists

This week, Fractured Atlas is partnering with our friends at ArtsJournal, Future of Music Coalition, and the National Alliance for Media Arts + Culture to host a discussion about artists’ creative rights and arts policy / advocacy more generally. Fractured Atlas’s Director of Technology Programs, Justin Karr, and I are two of the 22 featured bloggers. If you’re [...]

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