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Kennedy Interview for Reason TV

As a teenager watching late-night MTV in the 1990s, I somehow failed to predict that, 20 years later, I would be interviewed by Kennedy for a leading libertarian publication on the subject of federal funding for the arts. And yet, this happened:

Here’s the full article and video.

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Make Your Voice Heard: How Artists Can Influence Policy and the Political Process

Last Wednesday, Fractured Atlas hosted a conversation with NYC 26th District Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer, who is also Chair of the NYC Cultural Affairs Committee, at Topaz Arts in Queens NYC.
>see photos

The event had a surprisingly fantastic turnout, and Van Bramer stayed an hour late just to answer every question from the overflowing audience of artists.  [...]

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Vote for Fractured Atlas Panels at South by Southwest

Emily Gray (our Director of Liability Insurance), Ian Moss, (our Research Director), Adam Natale (our Director of Partnerships and Business Development), and I have proposed panels and presentaions for the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival taking place in March of 2012 in Austin, Texas. The SXSW festival and conference is a convergence [...]

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Cory Doctorow: Every Pirate Wants to be an Admiral

Some insightful observations from Cory Doctorow on copyright, cultural policy, and history repeating itself:

via Boing Boing and The Guardian

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You, Too, Can be a Powerful Special Interest Group!

Take a minute and think about the most powerful, influential special interest groups in American politics.
On the one hand, you have groups like the National Rifle Association or the National Right to Life Committee. Their power derives from their ability to mobilize passionate, single-issue voters. A hard core gun nut will vote against his own [...]

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Thank you, Theater Subdistrict Council!

Fractured Atlas is thrilled to announce that the Theater Subdistrict Council of New York City has awarded us a $200,000 grant to support a special initiative to improve access to affordable performing arts space throughout the five boroughs.
The Creative Economy Workspace Initiative will utilize the trove of data on artists’ workspace needs available to us [...]

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NEA Cultural Workforce Forum

On Friday, I had the privilege to attend the NEA’s Cultural Workforce Forum, a convening of researchers who have recently led efforts to measure and understand the work habits and economic condition of individual artists in the United States. The event, though not open to the public, was simulcast on the Internet so that anyone [...]

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What Happened at the White House?

Actually, the meeting took place at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, but that sounds a lot less sexy…
I’m talking about the May 12th gathering of artists and creative organizers with Obama’s top cultural policy advisors. Although Fractured Atlas wasn’t directly involved with the event, one of our own, Caron Atlas (no relation), was one of [...]

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Richard Florida’s Numbers: Shaky Under Scrutiny?

We need more math nerds in the non-profit arts world. And by “math nerd” I’m not talking about experts in multivariate calculus or linear algebra. I just mean people who aren’t afraid of numbers and are willing to poke them with a stick occasionally.
Last week Ian Moss provided one of the most thorough and detailed [...]

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Empowered by Scrap

Artists are natural entrepreneurs. In general, they are innovative, enthusiastic, hard-working, highly intelligent, and resourceful. That last attribute is the subject of this post…resourcefulness.
Entrepreneurs come up with a great idea, then go out and find the resources or develop the capabilities to “make it happen.” Or, they look at what they already have available and [...]

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