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Make Your Voice Heard: How Artists Can Influence Policy and the Political Process

Last Wednesday, Fractured Atlas hosted a conversation with NYC 26th District Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer, who is also Chair of the NYC Cultural Affairs Committee, at Topaz Arts in Queens NYC.
>see photos

The event had a surprisingly fantastic turnout, and Van Bramer stayed an hour late just to answer every question from the overflowing audience of artists.  [...]

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An Election and Beyond: “Race to the White House”

With an African-American man as President of the United States, many Americans would say that the country has come a long way. But conversations about race should, and must, continue. So say Eric Paul Fournier and Anna Kauffman, who are putting the finishing touches on a documentary film that follows Barack Obama’s presidential campaign from its inception through Inauguration Day.

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Hey, New Yorker - Last Day to Register to Vote!

If you’re part of the (substantial) NYC contingent of the Fractured Atlas community then this message is for you.
A few questions:
1) Did you know that the primary election is coming up on September 15?
2) Are you registered to vote?
3) If not, did you know that TODAY is the last day to register in time to [...]

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McCain vs. Obama on Arts Policy

Americans for the Arts (actually the Americans for the Arts Action Fund) has published a comparison of the arts positions of John McCain and Barack Obama.  I’m not wild about the list of issues they asked the campaigns about, since they address only very superficial considerations.  Still, it’s an interesting read.

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Don’t miss your chance: REGISTER TO VOTE!

Whatever your political views, hopefully we can all agree on two things:

This fall’s election is incredibly important
If you don’t vote you’re an ass*

Fortunately, our community is pretty good on this latter count.  Studies have consistently shown that artists vote at a substantially higher rate than the general public - around 80-85% for federal elections.  But, [...]

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How Design Can Save Democracy

A great nation needs all kinds of heroes.  Soldiers.  Diplomats.  Defense attorneys.  Firemen.  Graphic designers?
There is very little doubt that George W. Bush was elected President in large part thanks to a crappy ballot design.   (Really, it’s hard to imagine a worse layout.)  Following the 2000 election debacle, there was much talk of subpar ballots [...]

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Obama’s Street Cred

Watching the Democratic National Convention last night, I was struck by one of the most significant but rarely discussed aspects of a potential Obama presidency.  Barack Obama would be the first president in memory - to my knowledge the first since Teddy Roosevelt - to come from an urban background.  He grew up in Honolulu [...]

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Compare the Presidential Candidates Healthcare Platforms

I realize that I’m a healthcare policy nerd and that most folks find this stuff boring and impenetrable. That’s one reason why organizations like Fractured Atlas are needed; we deal with the esoteric minutia so you don’t have to.
Still, it never hurts to educate yourself, especially with an election coming up. The [...]

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