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Ask the Attorneys: Intellectual Property & The Web, Part 2

You have a script, a video camera, and a great performance to launch your web series. You’ve also read Part 1 of this article, and now understand the basics of your intellectual property (IP) rights. Follow these steps to ensure that your new creation is properly protected.

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Ask the Attorneys: Intellectual Property & The Web, Part 1

You have an original idea for a web series and you think the show can achieve internet viral fame. One of your main concerns is making sure no one else steals your creation. That is where intellectual property law comes into play. Before you become the next Rebecca Black, learn about your rights.

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VLA Legal & Business Bootcamp for Film, Music, and Interactive

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts is offering an intensive new program about the legal and business issues that affect individual artists and individuals within arts cultural institutions who make and work in film, music and interactive media.  Fractured Atlas members can receive a discount to this event by contacting our staff for a discount code.
Sessions [...]

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Seth Godin on Music

Marketing guru Seth Godin has a great interview in Rollo & Grady about the future of music and the evolving role of the music industry.  For a long time now the music industry has been flailing wildly in a misguided effort to cling to its own historical relevance.  Meanwhile, the availability and diversity of good [...]

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