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Hybrid Business Models: Possibilities and Pitfalls

Today’s NY Times features a sloppy article on the “snags” associated with non-profit/for-profit hybrid business models. I’m thrilled that the mainstream media is talking about this stuff, since it’s been a favorite subject of mine for years, but the reporting is rife with factual errors and dubious conclusions.
First, call me a nitpicker, but I’m really [...]

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Four Days in Charm City

Whew! I am not sure why seemingly every single arts service organization feels compelled to schedule their annual conferences in June, but it sure makes for a lively travel schedule for schlubs like me. This time around, I was in Baltimore for the Americans for the Arts Half-Century Summit, a much-hyped event indeed. I had an [...]

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I Want My L3C reports on a proposal for a new kind of for-profit / non-profit hybrid entity: the L3C:
[T]he low-profit, limited liability company, or L3C is designed to increase the number of program-related investments, or PRI’s, that foundations make in social-purpose businesses by making those enterprises easier to find. Proponents hope that foundation investment in those ventures [...]

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