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Whither the Time Machine? Considering the Counterfactual in Arts Marketing

(Cross-posted from the National Arts Marketing Project Conference Blog Salon over at ARTSBlog.)
The hardest question to answer in arts research is “what would have happened if we had done things differently?” Researchers call this question the “counterfactual,” since it refers to a scenario that doesn’t actually exist. Generally speaking, it’s hard to measure things that don’t [...]

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Is Your Arts Programming Usable?

(Cross-posted at the National Arts Marketing Project’s blog salon on ARTSBlog, taking place all this week.)
At Fractured Atlas, we’re in the process of rolling out a few new technology products that have been in the pipeline for the past year or so. One of these is, which is the hosted version of the ATHENA [...]

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The Art of the Survey

1. You know what your audience is thinking:
a. Absolutely
b. Uhhh…
c. Never considered it
d. Who cares? Our work is brilliant!

Whether you’re a production company, business serving artists, or artistic business, it’s invaluable to have tangible feedback from your audiences in order to plan effectively and execute beautifully.
A survey is not just a [...]

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Unconventional Audiences

Audiences are limited. There may be one million people in your area, but to weight them all as equally fair game as your target audience is both inaccurate and insane.
In marketing, it’s considered far less productive to attempt to convince someone to purchase your product if you have to change their mind, their beliefs, their [...]

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The Audience is Always Right: Why Your Work Must Be Marketable

This one might make you upset, but it’s come to my attention that some of you need a swift kick in the ass, so grab your blankie and put your therapist on speed dial and keep reading.
Chad M. Bauman of the venerable Arena Stage recently reported playwrights’ complaints that marketing directors “kill new work” because [...]

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I Am My Own Focus Group

I have come to the conclusion that I am a marketing anomaly. I should be studied so that marketers understand that there are some very different people out there — and that the Facebook-loving, subscription-hating, texting-during-performances audience member of my age range is NOT me.

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Fractured U. – School’s in Session (Register Today!)

Last year Fractured Atlas piloted Fractured U. as a simple series of introductory online business courses that address the emerging needs of artists and arts managers in the D.I.Y. environment. It was the most successful program launch in Fractured Atlas history.
Welcome to the age of the D.I.Y. artist!!!
In order to meet this newly discovered demand, [...]

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The Art Purist Slumming in Low Capitalist Constructs

As a kid I wanted to be Janet Jackson.

I played the cassette of her Control album until the tape broke, choreographing routines, imaging the day I would enjoy her fame/fortune and say (with her conviction)…“Now I’m all grown up!”

Well, you can imagine my joy when (at nine years old) my dad put me in the [...]

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Competition in the Arts Sucks! Or Does it?

Our research and survey responses indicate that artists and “do gooder” arts organizations struggle with the concept and reality of competition; especially because creativity is such a product of collaboration, connectedness, and reciprocal inspiration in a network of people. We need each other, yet we are in competition for the same resources, audience members, buyers, [...]

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Market Analysis: Who Cares?

Excuse me for being M.I.A. over the last month, but I was busy producing the National Black Arts Festival’s 1st Annual Winter Ball (“The Art of Change”), featuring special guests Dr. Cornel West and Big Boi from Outkast. I won’t go into all the details of the event (although it was fabulous!!), but I do [...]

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