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Hey New York! Got health insurance?

When it comes to health insurance, have you ever wished for…

A good deal! Low priced coverage that doesn’t suck dry your hard-earned cash.
Transparency! Simple, straight up easy to understand coverage, with no catch-22s.
Freedom! Your health insurance stays with you from gig to gig. You don’t want to work at a soul-sucking corporate [...]

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Do you want better health insurance options (and live in NY State)?

If you’ve ever considered hopping the border to Canada to see a doctor, then this survey is for you.
Fractured Atlas is partnering with the NY State Health Foundation on a project to improve health insurance options for artists in NY State. This isn’t something that’ll happen overnight, of course, but we’re working hard to lay [...]

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Federal aid for state budgets

Paul Krugman has some insightful things to say about the urgent need for federal aid for struggling states during a fiscal crisis:
[S]tate and local governments operate under fiscal rules that lead to booming spending and tax cuts when the economy is strong and the reverse when the economy is weak. This is bad governance: services [...]

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New York Grant Opportunity

Theatre Development Fund’s (TDF) TAP Plus program, in partnership with the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), makes available grants of up to $5,000 for open captioning.  This service is provided in order to increase attendance by people who are hard of hearing or deaf at cultural events that are open to the [...]

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New York State Health Foundation gives FA some love

Fractured Atlas received some wonderful news recently when the New York State Health Foundation awarded us a $25,000 grant to support a targeted effort to enroll artists in affordable health care.
The initiative will launch later this year, and focus on areas throughout New York State, namely: Buffalo, Erie County, Saratoga, Peekskill, Brooklyn, and Queens. We’ll [...]

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Testimony to the NYS Departments of Health/Insurance

I was invited to testify this afternoon before the NY State Departments of Health and Insurance on ways that the state can move towards universal coverage. These hearings are grueling affairs; today’s was scheduled to go from 9am to 8pm. Fortunately it was right across the street from my office so I cheated [...]

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Notes from Schenectady

I’m here in lovely downtown Schenectady, NY at the annual Arts Summit hosted by The Alliance of New York State Arts Organizations. Being the downstate snob that we NYCers tend to be, I only heard about this conference because I was invited to speak on “mobilizing artists” (a subject that consumes quite a lot [...]

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NYSCA Shared Use Facilities Bill

I’ve been following a bill in the NY State legislature which would mandate that the state arts council start making modest grants to individual artists for the purpose of procuring live-work space. The bill recently passed in both the Assembly and the Senate, which means it’ll soon be headed to the Governer’s desk for [...]

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