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How To Find An Arts Job

It’s graduation time again, which means a few things. First, graduates get a lot of reflective advice from celebs and visionaries. Second, the press starts beating up on the earning potential of arts and humanities majors. And third, we hear about how terrible it is in the hiring market generally. Fractured Atlas works with a [...]

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Open Arts Network Partner Profile: Dance/USA

Dance/USA, the national service organization for professional dance, is starting off 2011 with fresh energy. Incoming Executive Director Amy Fitterer is dedicated to their mission to connect the national dance community. Amy took a moment to tell us about the tools and resources that the organization provides for the professional dance field.

Why do dancers and [...]

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Online Fundraising: The Big Picture

Do you love our fiscal sponsorship program? Do you want to learn more about different types of fundraising? Hear different opinions how online fundraising technologies are changing things for independent artists and arts groups. Some of the brightest minds in the arts sector are getting together for Fundraising in a Box: Crowdsourcing Microgrants on September 23rd. [...]

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Fractured U. Goes Free!

Yes, it’s true! Though we have already told you about a few of our online courses and have noted that enrollment fees would be required to access them, we’re scrapping those fees entirely.

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Congrats to our Microgrant Recipients!

We are extremely excited to announce our latest round of micrograntees!

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Fractured U. – School’s in Session (Register Today!)

Last year Fractured Atlas piloted Fractured U. as a simple series of introductory online business courses that address the emerging needs of artists and arts managers in the D.I.Y. environment. It was the most successful program launch in Fractured Atlas history.
Welcome to the age of the D.I.Y. artist!!!
In order to meet this newly discovered demand, [...]

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The Art Purist Slumming in Low Capitalist Constructs

As a kid I wanted to be Janet Jackson.

I played the cassette of her Control album until the tape broke, choreographing routines, imaging the day I would enjoy her fame/fortune and say (with her conviction)…“Now I’m all grown up!”

Well, you can imagine my joy when (at nine years old) my dad put me in the [...]

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Out and about

Last night I went to see Flux Theatre Ensemble’s production of Pretty Theft.  It was an excellent production - congratulations to Flux on a great show!   There’s only three nights left so see it while you can!
Tonight I’m headed out to Rooftop Films opening night.  Tonight is sold out but don’t forget to check [...]

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Empowered by Scrap

Artists are natural entrepreneurs. In general, they are innovative, enthusiastic, hard-working, highly intelligent, and resourceful. That last attribute is the subject of this post…resourcefulness.
Entrepreneurs come up with a great idea, then go out and find the resources or develop the capabilities to “make it happen.” Or, they look at what they already have available and [...]

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Help for NYC’s self-producing performing artists

Calling all NYC performing artists & arts companies! There are some events this week that are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC that may be of interest to you…
The Rita & Burton Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing @ NYU’s 2009 FESTIVAL OF NEW WORKS includes a series of panel discussions and workshops in addition to [...]

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