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How To Find An Arts Job

It’s graduation time again, which means a few things. First, graduates get a lot of reflective advice from celebs and visionaries. Second, the press starts beating up on the earning potential of arts and humanities majors. And third, we hear about how terrible it is in the hiring market generally. Fractured Atlas works with a [...]

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Fractured U. Goes Free!

Yes, it’s true! Though we have already told you about a few of our online courses and have noted that enrollment fees would be required to access them, we’re scrapping those fees entirely.

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Fractured U. – School’s in Session (Register Today!)

Last year Fractured Atlas piloted Fractured U. as a simple series of introductory online business courses that address the emerging needs of artists and arts managers in the D.I.Y. environment. It was the most successful program launch in Fractured Atlas history.
Welcome to the age of the D.I.Y. artist!!!
In order to meet this newly discovered demand, [...]

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Waiting for the “Anointment”

Last month, I started teaching a class called “Entrepreneurship in the Arts” at the Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta campus). The first class was thrilling, because I witnessed the excitement of artists and art entrepreneurs just beginning to follow their bliss. It was especially enjoyable to see those who have been working in [...]

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