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Make Your Voice Heard: How Artists Can Influence Policy and the Political Process

Last Wednesday, Fractured Atlas hosted a conversation with NYC 26th District Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer, who is also Chair of the NYC Cultural Affairs Committee, at Topaz Arts in Queens NYC.
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The event had a surprisingly fantastic turnout, and Van Bramer stayed an hour late just to answer every question from the overflowing audience of artists.  [...]

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Laura Zabel Sticks it to Sam Brownback

As you may have heard, Kansas recently became the first US state to officially zero-out state-level funding for the arts.
Among the many eloquent responses from the arts community, my favorite might be Laura Zabel’s open letter to Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. Laura, the executive director of Springboard for the Arts, puts a human face on [...]

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Public Arts Funding: April Update

As you might have heard, public funding for the arts has been under pressure at the local and especially state levels ever since the recession hit a few years ago. This year, those pressures have spread to the federal government as well, and during the recent negotiations between Democrats and Republicans in Congress to agree on [...]

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